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SEO Treatment Plan

I Need SEO for my Website – The Complete Execution of the SEO Rehab Plan


One day your superior enters the office and tells you: “ I need SEO for my website to finally fix those problems, because I don’t want to keep on paying per lead”. At this point you can show him the audit report. The next logical step after completing the search engine optimization diagnosis is to execute the SEO Plan. The result of the first step is treating the problem. There are five possible diagnoses for your website following the analysis:

  1. Healthy
  2. Small issues
  3. Moderate issues
  4. Major problems
  5. RIP

If the website turns out to be healthy, that’s good news. The challenge in this situation is to ensure that the website stays healthy.

However, the majority of sites will have moderate to severe problems. The solution for this is discussed in this article.

If there are major issues that need to be addressed it is important to act quickly and carefully, before it’s too late.

Sometimes the case is so severe that it isn’t worth to fix SEO problems. In this situation it’s better to start from scratch, often using a different domain.

Complete SEO Plan

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Off Page Optimization


SEO Plan

Examples of small and moderate issues

It’s difficult to make a clear divide between these two categories. It is often a matter of adding up the severity of a number of small issues. The more little errors there are, the smaller the chance is that you will gain a good position on search engines. To get an idea of a small or moderate issue, two examples are given (If you aren’t up to date with the SEO terminology used, read this article first):

  1. Imagine your website is at position eleven or twelve for your most important keyword. Your website is fairly new and its position has gone up considerably over the past few months, but it has stayed on the second page of Google for a while now. The SEO analysis shows that a number of pages contain very little content compared to your competitors. Some of the pages also have the same titles, which were automatically made by WordPress.

In this example a small number of ‘mistakes’ were found, which are relatively simple to solve. It can be assumed that by changing these On Page factors that your website will improve its position.

  1. For convenience, we will use the same website as in example 1. However, now it turns out that sections of text on your website were copied. You didn’t fancy writing lengthy texts so you decided to copy some texts from other websites and pasted them on your own website. They haven’t been copied 100%, just a few sentences which you thought would be handy for your own website. You also sent a number of ‘free’ links to your website after hearing these links are good for rankings. Of course, you often use your own specific keywordas anchor text and make it clear to Google that this is important for you.

You can guess the result already: copied content, a couple of low quality backlinks and an impaired anchor text ratio are things which don’t help a search engine. These problems are already somewhat harder to solve.

not enough content
  • On Page Optimization 50% 50%
  • Off Page Optimization 50% 50%
  • SEO Plan 100% 100%

Do You Want To Rank?

The given examples are simplified, but these issues are often the essence of common seo problems on a website. A bullet proof SEO optimization plan is the right thing to do to skyrocket your rankings!

Small Isssues

The plan for resolving small SEO issues

The analysis has been done, the diagnosis made and small issues have been identified which can be solved with a good treatment plan. The SEO plan is created in consultation with you to return the website to good health. The next step is to implement the plan made.

to improve on page of off page

What is more important to improve, On Page or Off Page?

It is often the case that a lot of attention is paid to Off Page factors, such as collecting links. This is a waste of your budget without thorough On Page optimization. Besides this, it is also frustrating to see that this has little effect when it comes to your rankings on search engines.

On Page optimization should be the first step in nine out of ten cases. This creates the conditions needed to fully exploit the power of a good Off Page strategy. See the website as someone’s back carrying heavy stones all day long. This isn’t a problem for a healthy back, but for a back with a herniated disc it is much more challenging, or even impossible.

How quickly can On Page changes be made to optimize your website?

Depending on the size of the website, the number of problems that became apparent during the SEO audit and the budget, a timeline can be drawn up. Normally all On Page aspects should be optimized within a matter of weeks. It is then up to the search engines to analyse the improved website and give it a new ranking. We don’t have control of this process and it can vary from a several days to several weeks. You can therefore expect this phase of the SEO plan to last between one and three months.

fast website optimization
off page optimization

Is Off Page optimization quicker?

Again this is heavily dependent on the severity of the SEO problems discovered during the analysis. In this case we assume that small problems were found, such as a high percentage of anchor text for one of the keywords. The anchor text ratio is therefore an aspect that needs to be improved. This process sometimes costs more time because the right links need be found. These new links then also need to be picked up by search engines. These are processes which last weeks or months and we have little influence in the matter. It is therefore important to be patient and not to speed up this process by using unethical techniques. Generally speaking, this phase also takes between one and three months.


The rehabilitation process for your website to recover takes roughly 2 to 6 months. The recovery speed depends on a number of factors, including external factors that no one can control. The degree of recovery is something we do have control of. This means that every website which is slightly damaged has the opportunity to recover, so it has the potential to reach the top spots of a search engine.

conclusion of seo plan

Moderate Issues

The implementation of the action plan with  moderate SEO issues

The analysis shows you need to change more than the titles and meta descriptions. The diagnosis is more serious than thought before the process started and a significant alteration is needed to create a healthy website. Of course we discuss this all with you to make sure you are aware of the severity of the problem. The SEO Rebab Plan to make significant changes is already made.

to work on a seo plan takes a lot of time

When are the problems on the website moderate?

As was discussed in the small issues section, in this situation it is also important to make sure On Page aspects are optimized first. A couple of common examples of larger problems are:

  • Having several pages which contain duplicate content.
  • Having several pages with little content.

If such issues are discovered an extra analysis is carried out to get all the skeletons out of the closet. A number of tools can be used to automate a part of the process, but other aspects require specialist attention and are therefore time-consuming.

What about Off Page issues?

Off Page problems can roughly be split into three categories:

  1. Small problems. These fall under a preserving treatment;
  2. Large problems, but without having received a message/penalty from Google;
  3. Large problems, Google has sent a message. These fall in the category of needing immediate attention.

The second category is applicable in this situation. An example of this would be that a large percentage of anchor text is based on one keyword. A result with more than 5% is already somewhat dangerous for a website. This is certainly the case if there are a lot of backlinks. When this is the case the anchor text ratio should not be more than 5% and it is better when this is 2 or 3%. However, this does not apply to your own brand/product name or general anchor text such as ‘click here’.

off page problems
timeline to create backlinks

How long does recovery take?

Recovery in this case is slower than if you have smaller issues, which take between two and six months. A significant factor which causes delays is often the budget that is available. The costs quickly run into thousands of dollars as specialist tools need to be used and it also costs a lot of time to improve things. A frequently used solution in such circumstances is to spread the work over several months. A positive side effect of this recovery tactic is that the effects on the rankings each component has can be monitored. However, that’s probably little consolation because every day your website ranking is low the fewer potential customers you have.


If your site is very sick then the recovery will also take longer. Unfortunately the available budget plays an important role here as it can slow down the recovery process. Directional Preference understands this issue and will gladly work with you to come to a suitable solution which fits within your budget. At the end of the day we don’t want you tell us: “I need SEO for my website to fix the problems”, but: ”Check my website for SEO to prevent issues”.

read the conclusion at the office

The SEO Rehab Plan has been executed, what’s next?

All On & Off Page factors are in a healthy state after finishing the SEO plan. All obstacles are gone and your website is ready to rank. The rehab plan will be reported and discussed in detail. Normally improvement in rankings already have been taken place during  this process. The next step is to keep your site healthy and continue to improve it to let your business grow.

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