How To Quickly Increase Profits With DP Retargeting Marketing?

Heavily Reduce Aquisition Cost Per Client

Target Real Time Relevant Audience

Scale Within 7 Days To Your Entire Market

Exponentially Reinforce Your SEO Activities

Cost Comparison to Build a retargeting audience
Retargeting Comparison with PPC, FB and traditional DSP

Almost no first click cost

With PPC you have to pay for the first click, just to place a retargeting click. With DP Retargeting those costs are reduced by at least a factor 10 when the cost per click is $1.


Search based targeting

Now you are able to target your prospects, based on search terms and URL’s you give us. You are not limited anymore to just target visitors on your website or PPC campaign.

Scale Quicker

Because you save money on your ads and hardly have first click costs, you are able to target anyone based on URL’s and search terms. In fact, you are able target your entire market within days.

Reinforce SEO

What happens if thousands of people see your ads? They are going to talk about you and ask questions about your company on the web. This means natural backlinks and more traffic to your site. Those two factors play an important role in your SEO efforts.

How Traditional Retargeting Works

  1. Web surfers:
    • Visit your site…a cookie is placed on the visitors computer.
    • Click on a paid advertisement like Adwords or Facebook… a cookie is placed.
  2. They leave the site without purchasing.
  3. Ads will be displayed on other websites they visit.
  4. Web surfers click your ad and return to your site.

How DP Retargeting Works

  1. Potential prospect goes to Google, Yahoo or Bing and enters a purchase decision keyword for your business and visit a web page with ads.
  2. In 80-90% of the cases a cookie is placed on potential prospects’ computer identifying that visitor with the purchase buying keyword.
  3. We display your company’s ads on top websites potential prospects visit.
  4. Potential prospect clicks on your company’s ad and visits your website.

Is Retargeting Marketing the Best Choice for Businesses?

One of the largest battles facing businesses today is the struggle to attract customers online. While many forms of online marketing are tasked with attempting to bring potential clients to a web page, few consider what happens after those people leave the page without purchasing anything. Companies that use retargeting marketing in addition to their other marketing activites, such as SEO, will find that they have the best sales and conversion results possible.

Retargeting Marketing Basics: What Does It Mean?

Many people may hear about this style of marketing and not know just what exactly it entails. For those wondering, “What is retargeting marketing? “, it is not an easy answer. In the traditional way it is a form of marketing that only focuses on those who have already visited a company’s webpage. With DP Retargeting it is now possible to retarget people even when they didn’t visit your website.

Retargeting marketing is less expensive and requires less effort compared to normal forms of online marketing, if you just want to retarget the visitors of your own website without using PPC campaigns. There is less need to to convince people to visit your webpage. However, the process is still quite involved and often requires help from professional online marketing firms to improve conversions and profits. Rather than using new resources to find potential clients and visitors, explaining the company’s services or products, and using unique tactics to make people want to learn more, retargeting simply concerns itself with bringing back those who have already shown interest in the brand, service or product.

Retargeting marketing is a good idea for many companies because it targets those who have already shown enough interest in the brand, service or produc to visit the company web page. Using this type of marketing is often a great use of marketing budget and resources for companies, as it has very high rates of success when used properly. Any company that wants to improve their conversion numbers, boost their profits and increase their client base should consider using retargeting as a form of advertising online.

How DP Retargeting Works: Bringing More Relevant Visitors to Webpages

Retargeting can be tricky to understand, and as a result, many company executives are left wondering, “How does retargeting marketing work? ” The way that retargeting functions are through the use of pixels, or short lines of code, that identify those who have previously visited a webpage and follow them as they surf the web. The pixel will cause a cookie to become saved on the user’s web browser once they visit the site, and the cookie will then alert retargeting marketers to the best times to show related ads. This means that as people who have previously visited a website use the internet normally, they will periodically be shown highly-targeted and specific ads as a way to enticing them back to a company’s webpage.

While companies typically see very low conversion rates from first-time web site visitors, the rates of conversion for visitors due to retargeting is extremely high. This means that people who visit a company’s webpage after seeing retargeting ads will buy products or services a lot easier. This means that retargeting works very well to increase sales and customers for the companies that use it.

How Retargeting Can Be Used: Tailoring Ads to Individual Users

While the concept of retargeting seems fairly simple, many people may be left asking, “How to use retargeting marketing?,” and “How can this generate higher sales?” Retargeting is more useful than regular forms of online marketing because it can be specifically tailored to an individual web user. While traditional online marketing campaigns mostly use broad, nonspecific ads to entice people to business webpages, retargeting focuses on the individual user’s web behavior and interests. Through the use of browser cookies that track user’s actions online, ads can be shown that answer questions that they may have had about a service, that show products available that are related to ones the user previously purchased, or that offer specific discounts or sales that may interest the viewer. This highly targeted form of marketing offers higher sales and conversion numbers by precisely offering what the user wants or needs.

When Retargeting Strategies are Most Effective: Using in Combination With Other Tactics

Retargeting is very helpful at increasing conversion ratings. In combination with more common online marketing practices like Search Engine Optimization and Facebook Ads a company can grow substancially. With cheap consistent traffic through search engines and retargeting ads, businesses will go from asking, “When does retargeting marketing work? ” to “How did we ever survive without it?”