Premium Pay Per Call Lead Generation Service for Your Local Business

All About The Importance Of Pay Per Call Leads

With businesses on a constant search for new and innovative ways to advertise their products or services, it is no wonder that one of the strongest up and coming revenue generating methods of advertising comes in the form of pay per call leads. What is pay per call exactly? Here is a bit more information on it and why it is a great idea for any small to medium-sized business.

Similar To Pay Per Click

Much like the pay per click method that has long been a stalwart in the online advertising schemes, pay per call works by paying a pre-determined amount of money for each quality and high converting lead that is generated via a phone call. It is very common for every two or three hot and relevant sales calls a business can get a new client. This means chances are high your business gets a new client if you take advantage of our offer to get two relevant sales calls for free.

Works Best For…

Google Adwords pay per call works best for industries which have a strong need to constantly generate viable leads. These businesses typically tend to be local businesses in a wide variety of verticals. Some people think only higher-end purchases will tend to see the most benefits from pay per call because the need to actually speak to a fellow human is key when placing high-dollar orders. It is important to know what the lifetime value of a customer is. If this value is high enough, local business with lower-end services can benefit from pay per call as well. This also depends on the customer acquisition costs. So before deciding to start using any pay per call service, make sure to do some calculations.

Even More Technology

In addition to identifying phone numbers, calls are able to be filtered based upon a plethora of characteristics which the client may desire. These may include such categories as geographic location, what time of day it is or kind of services. In addition, a business decides if the call was relevant or not. This way businesses only get charged for the relevant calls. These options are a huge boon to those businesses which have multiple locations.

Customers Will Never Know?

Customers will not be aware they are calling a pay per click service as the phone numbers work just like any other number they routinely call. The customer is silently connected to the business. This lessens the fearsome consumers may have about calling direct advertising lines.

Other Benefits

The benefits are business owners can quickly expand their services via increased call volume with very controllable customer acquisition costs. Another advantage is it allows the company to test new campaigns with little to no risk. There is also the added benefit of being able to oversee all call traffic.

Proven Quality

The quality of the leads generated by pay per call leads advertising campaigns are unsurpassed within the industry. With more and more consumers focusing on shopping via their smartphones or other mobile devices, businesses have a potential customer who is actively seeking a product or service. Match this against just blasting ads at people who may or may not have any interest in the particular item being advertised and one can see just how crucial this style will become. It has been called a game-changer by industry veterans.

A Wise Investment

When businesses first utilized the pay per click method, the appeal was strong because the cost to advertise this way is so low. However, the amount of clicks that are actually converted to a paying customer stands at a dismal 2% to 3%. When using relevant phone call advertising, the conversion rate is much higher (Up to 50-60%) of customers who end up purchasing a service or product. There is very little doubt that the return on investment when using pay per call simply cannot be beaten. For any small to medium-sized business with a strict budget, this is undeniably the way to go.

Easy To Identify Income-Generating Calls

A business can easily identify and track how much income clients from pay per call services generate. The phone numbers of the calls will be tracked, so it’s an easy next step to set up a system to track how much these new clients are worth in terms of income.


As any business owner can see, pay per call lead generation truly is the next step in seeking and securing sales that are of the utmost quality. By using this technology now and not waiting any longer, your business will certainly be one step ahead of the competition.