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Staying Healthy – Your Google Friendly Website

A website that stays healthy and gets fitter

You’ve done it! After several months of hard work, your website is finally healthy. Everything points towards the fact you will be able to conquer the top spots on search engines and found a good balance between you pay per call and SEO campaign. Now it is important to ensure that your website stays healthy and not make the same mistakes you made in the past by not maintaining your site for years. Just like when dieting and you have lost the weight you needed in three months, it’s important to prevent this from coming back. This means that you need to constantly keep an eye on things.

Your SEO friendly Website

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Keep Your Site Healthy

Get a Fitter Site









What is a healthy website?

Have you ever wondered why that one competitor was always at the top of Google with all sorts of keywords? Why your site wasn’t there? This means that your competitor has a healthier site than the rest of the market. A healthy site has many keywords which rank highly for a long time on Google or other search engines. Sometimes you see websites appear from nowhere on the first page for it quickly to end up on the twentieth page. In these cases you can assume that there is something fishy going in which is artificially influencing the rankings.

Depending on the competition your website needs to be in perfect or little less perfect shape. This is one of the reasons to carry out a competitive analysis. It is often unnecessary to optimize your website perfectly. Most of the times it is sufficient to be just a bit healthier than the current number one, after all it isn’t possible to rank higher than number one.

Besides your position on Google, which is important, it is also important to make sure your Click Through Rate (CTR) is optimized. Optimizing CTR helps to maximize the number of leads in a cost effective manner. Improving your CTR is an art in itself. Based on data, common sense and using smart technology this can continuously be improved.

to create a seo friendly website
website constructie to get higher in google
  • Monitoring 35% 35%
  • Checking 15% 15%
  • Evaluating 20% 20%
  • Testing 30% 30%

Your Website - Stay Healty & Get Fitter

constantly monitoring your website

Continuous monitoring is important

Imagine that your website wasn’t online for a few days and you didn’t know this. That could have major consequences for your business. You could lose new and existing customers. There are also other reasons why website monitoring is important. But let’s be honest, nobody can pay attention to their website 24/7. However, it is important to respond quickly if your website is offline as it could be costly.

Fortunately there are several affordable services available which regularly check on your website. For example, you can receive a text message or an e-mail if your site is unavailable. You could also choose to check your website every hour rather than every five minutes. Depending on the needs of you and your website we can help with choosing the right service.

Check your Search Console

A search engine like Google offers you the possibility to use certain tools like the Search Console. Google communicates with you using these tools and gives you hints and tips to improve your website. Make it part of your daily routine to log in and check for two minutes if there are any new notifications. Generally speaking these aren’t urgent notifications, but it could be the case your website is being bombarded with spam. It’s best to find out about this as soon as possible so you can take immediate action to solve the issue.

use google search console
check text for duplicate content

Check your content

You can’t be careful enough with your website, especially when it concerns one of the most important aspects of your digital property, your content. Carrying out a monthly Content Quick Scan gives you certainty that your text keeps being seen by Google as an original text. It is not uncommon for text to be copied by other websites to fill up their pages. This is good news for you, as long as Google sees that you are the original author. This means that the other pages will never score better than you in the rankings. However, sometimes Google will mistake who the original author is. This is why it is important to regularly check your website for originality. If there are problems the text can be altered to make it unique again. Besides this, you could contact the website which has stolen your content. Unfortunately this is generally a waste of time, because you are talking to people who are less ethical and don’t worry about things like plagiarism.

Safety first

Did you know that 30,000 websites are hacked per day? 30,000…per day…, that’s a ridiculously high amount. This means there are a lot of people actively looking for sites like yours. Therefore it’s a good idea to take some precautionary measures to significantly reduce the risk of getting hacked. 100% security can’t be guaranteed, because if it’s possible to break into the FBI computers then hackers can probably access your website too.

secure your website against hackers
what is a good link profile

Continuously strengthening your link profile

Firstly, let’s tell you what a good link profile is. To start with, it isn’t just backlinks. Many people working within SEO will tell you that backlinks are the most important element of SEO. However it isn’t as if a good ranking is based purely on backlinks.

You can’t simply spread a number of backlinks across your website and ignore the bigger picture of your link profile. Backlinks are a part of your profile. The backlink discussion goes much deeper and is fairly complex.

Let us discuss other factors which influence how healthy your link profile is. The next list is a discussion of characteristics which are good for a healthy link profile. The list is far from complete but shows the most important points for consideration.

Put simply: a good link profile features many independent links and no spam links.

You probably already knew this, so now a number of less obvious features of a good link profile will be explained.

If you unravel the importance of various factors which influence the ranking of your website then it looks like this (assuming you have already optimized the On Page factors):

  • The most important factor for ranking of a website: Link profile;
  • The most important factor of a link profile: Quality of the backlinks;
  • The most important quality aspect of backlinks: Anchor text;
  • The most important quality aspect of anchor text: Diversity.

Branded anchor Text

For Google it is important to be able to differentiate between the anchor text of your brand name and normal anchor text. Imagine your company is called Smith Physical Therapy. The anchor text could be ‘Smith Physical Therapy’, which refers to the website of Smith Physical Therapy. A good profile has a high percentage of this kind of anchor text. This percentage varies depending on the strength and trust factor of your domain, the industry and competition analysis.


Related anchor text

Another form of anchor text diversity is semantic relevance. This means anchor text that is relevant, such as synonyms of words that roughly describe the same thing. For example, you sell coffee makers on your website. Instead of always using coffee machine as the anchor text, you could also use anchor texts such as espresso machine.


Long phrase anchor text

This is another important aspect of a healthy profile. A thinned out anchor text is made up of more than one word which partly contains a keyword. It would be a bit strange if hundreds of anchor texts consist of exactly the same keyword as the one you would like to rank for without adding another word. To stick with the example of the coffee maker, a long phrase anchor text could be ‘coffee maker that isn’t too expensive’.


Generic anchor text

Another form of anchor text diversification is generic anchor text. These are anchor texts that contain generic words, so not keywords or brand names. An example of this is ‘while some businesses offer extra services’. As long as other factors, such as relevance and quality of the source link are guaranteed then this anchor text contributes to the health of the profile.


Relevance of the site linking to your site

This element is also known as subject-specific popularity. In an ideal world, all the backlinks from all the webpages return to the same subject. The website of a physical therapy practice benefits from links of health-related websites more than a coffee maker does. Of course there is always some overlap and discussion about what is and isn’t relevant, but we are talking about the bigger picture and not the exceptions.


Relevance of surrounding text

Relevance goes further than just a relevant website for your industry. A healthy link profile has links which are surrounded with relevant content around your anchor text. The ideal link for a physical therapy clinic is to have a link from a website about back pain. In that article the physical therapy clinic could be referred to as a good clinic for solving your back pain. If a coffee website writes an article about headaches which can be treated by ‘Smith Physical Therapy then that too is a relevant link. However, the first link will have more of an impact because this is from a health related website.


Links from sneaky spam sites

First I will explain what is meant with sneaky spam sites. At first glance a website can look like a normal website. However, when you look where the site refers to, you see there are a lot of spam sites. Google detects this and could therefore think that your site is spam, because that site refers to several spam sites. These sneaky websites find themselves in a ‘bad neighbourhood’. Your website is infected with a ‘toxic’ link by that sneaky website which gives what seems like a great link on the surface.

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