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Succesfull SEO Strategies for Medium Enterprises

The ambitious medium enterprise and his SEO Strategies

You are the owner of a medium enterprise and want to meet your annual growth targets. Regarding sales-oriented SEO and other online marketing activities, a similar SEO strategy can be taken as for a small business. The focus lies on quality, authority and relevance.

However, there are also a number of significant differences. In many cases a mid-sized company will have a bigger and more complex website. The backlink structure will be more extensive for example and there is often more information or content on your website.

Your medium enterprise has regular customers, just like a small business does, you’ve built up years of experience within your industry and you are known within the market. Yet it is still important to stay ahead of the competition. If you aren’t the market leader yet then you want to achieve this, of course. Could you achieve this with SEO?

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9 advantages of applying a good SEO strategy to an existing website

  1. Your website is already full of useful information.
  2. Your medium enterprise has already built up a pretty good backlink structure, which plays an important role in the rankings.
  3. The existing backlink profile is in balance with the ideal situation.
  4. The website has existed for years and was therefore indexed in sites like Google a long time ago. The age of your domain works in your favour when you let your site be improved by a professional SEO agency.
  5. Your website will feature your own images, making it original content.
  6. The website is generally already structured which could help keep the costs lower.
  7. The existing layout and design is improved.
  8. The advantage of branding, after all your products name has already existed for the past few years and is known, mainly at a local and regional level.
  9. The existing content on your website nearly always contains some errors such as duplicate content or too little text. Another example is an abundance of specific keywords. You could see this as an advantage, as with relatively little effort these matters can be customized so you will easily rank better in the search engines.

11 characteristics of a dated website of a medium enterprise

  1. The website only has an informative function, it isn’t focused on converting visitors into customers.
  2. The site hasn’t been maintained or updated for a long time, perhaps even years.
  3. The website was created using methods which used to work to get a higher ranking.
  4. Texts have been copied from your site, without your knowledge and they are affecting your ranking.
  5. The speed of your website is really slow which is bad for the user-friendliness and so Google will rank your website lower.
  6. The layout of the website is dated which doesn’t make a good impression on visitors to your site as they see it as old and unattractive.
  7. Links which are no longer relevant to your website or which don’t exist anymore.
  8. The text to image ratio is out of balance. It is important to have a mix of both to keep visitors interested in your site.
  9. The information on your website, such as product information or contact details, is outdated and incorrect. This is terrible for business.
  10. Technical errors make the website hard to use. These can be caused by a multitude of factors.
  11. A contact form that doesn’t work anymore. This is always disappointing to have, as a visitor can ask a question and never get a reply.

Important questions to ask yourself about you company’s website

To what extent is high quality SEO relevant for your business? Can you generate traffic and revenue through paid advertising or using natural rankings in search engines? Or both? It’s difficult to give a short answer to these questions.

The value of an extensive online marketing plan for your company depends a lot on the sector you operate in and how much commercial online activity can generate more income for you. This can vary between profit and non-profit organisations, such as a restaurant compared to Wikipedia.

Many mid-sized companies have a marketing arm of their business, for example to manage their website and online offers. This is a good thing, but does this arm of the business meet your expectations? Are you aware, as a business person, what a professional marketing plan can mean for your company in the short and long term? How much growth can you expect, depending on the budget you have for marketing? Although you can’t always give a definitive answer to these questions, having an insight in these matters is very useful if you want to get a firm grip on your growth prospects.

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The website audit, the foundation to grow exponentially

The points mentioned above are just a few online deficiencies that we at Directional Preference encounter. It’s exactly because of the numerous factors which can impact the amount of customers generated from your website that a website audit is of great importance. This audit offers you insights into On and Off Page limitations. Based the audit results a plan can be created.

All the issues that are on your website won’t surface without an in-depth analysis of your website, which will mean it won’t function at its best.

Paid advertising vs organic rankings

There are several differences which can be mentioned between paid adverts compared to letting your website rank on search engines by itself. In the list below we have summed up the five most important advantages and five most important disadvantages.

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5 advantages of paid advertising

  1. By paying you can decide what you want – you can go straight to the number 1 position.
  2. Instant increase in traffic to your website.
  3. Clear, quick and easy to measure.
  4. A lot of website visitors mean conversion, more conversions mean more sales.
  5. Remaining a high ranking website, if the amount paid for this service is high enough.

5 disadvantages of paid advertising

  1. Often very costly.
  2. Competition. There are other companies that also pay for advertising.
  3. Visitors tend to ignore the advertised spots on search engines and scroll down, because they think it is irrelevant advertising.
  4. Once you have increased the number of visitors to your website you need to ensure your website is up to scratch, which also costs money (on top of the advertising costs).
  5. Neglecting natural search results. The right combination of ranking using advertising and natural search results is very effective. This way you are getting traffic from two sides. This does however mean you also need to put some effort into gaining natural rankings, something which is often neglected.
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5 advantages of natural rankings

  1. Higher return on investments (ROI) than paid advertising.
  2. More likely to be seen than visitors scrolling past adverts.
  3. Natural rankings mean you have to do a lot to your website, to make sure it functions well. This is always good, especially for your visitors, as they trust websites that are higher on Google more than other companies.
  4. Once you have ranked well, you can benefit from this for a long time.
  5. In order to rank well for organic results a website needs to be well built up with original content, a good backlink structure etc., so the business focuses on quality. Websites which are of a higher quality are therefore healthier.

5 disadvantages of natural rankings

  1. Natural ranking takes a lot of time and energy at the start.
  2. A mid-sized business will have to outsource its SEO to a different company. It could be the case that an SEO agency makes decisions without up-to-date knowledge.
  3. More competition with other businesses. Most mid-sized companies have their own marketing department, which has a budget for SEO.
  4. A website which doesn’t rank well often has numerous factors which affect the ranking. This takes a lot of time and money to fix the issues.
  5. SEO is a dynamic process which is partly dependant on Google. This is one of the most important reasons why it is impossible to guarantee success.


It has already been mentioned, but the foundation for a successful website is an audit. Based on the results of this audit, a plan can be created for further action to create a website which works at its best. Talk with us at Directional Preference and discover the opportunities there are for your website.

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